NBA Finals 2017 Cavs vs Warriors Game 1: Tv, Live Stream

NBA Finals live 2017 Steven Curry, Kevin Durant, Draimond Green, Klay Thompson and Golden State Warriors fight LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love and Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 1 of their rematch of the NBA final Thursday night.

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NBA Finals

Here’s all you need to know: TV, live broadcast and radio information, rush hour, as well as three things to see …

GAME 2: Cleveland Cavaliers Golden State Warriors : NBA Finals

Who: Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors

What: NBA Finals 2017

When: 6:00 pm tonight


Live stream: Click Here Live Stream Free IN HD

Three things to see …


We had a very good feeling that this would happen, that the Cavs and Warriors would meet for the third time in the NBA Finals but had never happened before in the history of the game. Best teams of the conference and which was highlighted by the unbeaten Warriors through the first three rounds of the playoffs and the Cavs lose a single game.

Cleveland and Golden State can now solve a great debate and is the team that has the biggest reason to complain about the end they have lost. What team is closer to being twice defending champions? The Cavaliers went 2-1 in 2015, did not have Kevin Love in the entire series and only due to Kyrie Irving for Game 1, but he lost in six games. The warriors went 3-1 in 2016 before Draymond Green was suspended for Game 5. Then they lost the series. Hopefully this series gives no other reason to cry.

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Durant joined the fun

Although these teams meet for the third time, this series will have a huge difference. Indeed, Kevin Durant, a former player par excellence, joined the Warriors who had won 73 games last season and led the Cavs to seven games. Durant Will increase the series, or maybe even help the Warriors win easily? Some predict that certainly.

Durant played outstanding basketball in the playoffs. It is on average 25.2 shooting points a 55.6 percent ridiculous, of which 41.7 percent of three. Someone has to stop the Cavs.

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The Cavs are on fire

Let’s see if the long layoff affected them, but the Cavaliers were shooting at an incredible speed three in their first 13 playoff games. They have a 43.5 to three point team. For some background, he would be fourth in the NBA this past season between individual players. Add in the fact that the Cavs are doing this in over 33 attempts per game and is very impressive.

Speaking of this, pay attention to love. The first series between these teams was lost and it was terrible last year when it averaged only 8.5 points 36.2 percent of the field. With 13 games in the playoffs, he set up 17.2 points, 10.4 rebounds and pulled 47.5 percent of the three. This seems an opportunity for redemption.

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